Azercell and Ericsson score with winning connectivity in Baku Olympic Stadium

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Football fans who attended last night’s major Cup Final in Baku Olympic Stadium, Azerbaijan, enjoyed excellent connectivity experiences, thanks to operator Azercell and Ericsson Elastic RAN and Ericsson Radio System capabilities.

May 30, 2019
Night time image of Baku Olympic Stadium, Azerbajan, lit up

Ericsson and Azercell engineers have densified the stadium with multi-standard Ericsson Radio System equipment, including transport and Elastic RAN functionality. The transport solution was built using Router 6000 to get the capacity, interfaces and low latency needed and Fronthaul 6000 for a reliable DWDM-based optical fronthaul solution. The result is a three-fold capacity increase, which gave fans a superior ability to stream live from the venue, in addition to other interactive communication services and social networking.

Fans at all future events at Baku Olympic Stadium will enjoy similar interactivity and connectivity experiences.

Arda Cetiner, Head of Ericsson Azerbaijan, says: “We are excited to partner with Azercell and implement Ericsson's innovative Elastic RAN solution for the major event in Azerbaijan to deliver high performance for Azerbaijani and international football fans.”

Vahid Mursaliyev, CEO, Azercell, says: “Today Connectivity is about bringing people, countries and societies closer. On such a special occasion, the number one priority for us was to let our subscribers, local and international football fans and guests to enjoy the game and share their emotions and impressions of an incredible event. Thus, on behalf of Azercell, I would like to thank our valuable partner Ericsson for providing their proven international experience in equipping the venue with the latest network solutions.”

About Ericsson Elastic-RAN

With Ericsson Elastic RAN (E-RAN), an unlimited number of cells can be coordinated across the entire network, providing great flexibility in the aggregation of the different network cell carriers independent of user location. Coordinating and aggregating cell carriers improves user data speeds and overall network performance.

Elastic RAN is part of the Ericsson Cloud RAN solution. It was developed specifically to improve users’ mobile broadband experiences through elastic coordination of users and cells. Ericsson's Elastic RAN is managed through software functionality, focusing on increased spectrum efficiency, full deployment flexibility, and elasticity.