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Ericsson supports Asia Pacific Telecom to launch Taiwan’s first 5G Non-Standalone Multi-Operator Core Network

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  • Ericsson to modernize APT's LTE network in Taiwan with a 5G Non-Standalone Multi-Operator Core Network (MOCN)
  • APT and FET announced their partnership to provide 5G services with MOCN in early September 2020
  • Ericsson implemented the integration between APT 5G Non-Standalone (NSA) MOCN and FET 3.5GHz Network Radio



Aug 19, 2021
Engineers testing  connectivity in a van with an attached base station

Powered by Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) advanced 5G technology, Asia Pacific Telecom Co., Ltd (APT) has established the first 5G Non-Standalone (NSA) Multi-Operator Core Network (MOCN) in shared spectrum and network architecture in Taiwan.

Ericsson secured the contract with APT early this year to modernize its island-wide 4G LTE networks and to deploy the 5G NSA MOCN. With the collaboration, APT was able to launch 5G MOCN within six months, marking a milestone in Taiwan’s 5G development.     

In September 2020, APT announced a collaboration with FET to provide 5G services on Taiwan’s 3.5GHz frequency band with MOCN. Being the first of its kind in Taiwan, the MOCN collaboration allows two core networks to share the same RAN and bandwidth on 5G technology.

In shared spectrum and network infrastructure, APT is able to promptly deploy 5G and shorten new service time-to-market while significantly increasing 5G nationwide coverage, delivering higher throughput and enhanced subscriber experience. The network went live in August 2021.

APT’s radio access network (RAN) equipment has been replaced with Ericsson’s high-performing RAN solutions from its 5G-ready Ericsson Radio System portfolio as well as 5G NSA licenses for 5G MOCN.

Ericsson’s solution allows APT to dynamically operate between 4G and 5G networks, enabling new, flexible and efficient ways to share network infrastructure and reduce a significant amount of capital expenditure and energy consumption to meet the sustainability commitment.

As part of the modernization effort, Ericsson also supplies Ericsson Network Manager, OSS migration services and upgrade to APT.  

Nan Ren Huang, President of Asia Pacific Telecom Co. Ltd, says: “APT is pleased to work with Ericsson to deploy the first 5G MOCN in Taiwan within half a year. APT will provide subscribers a premium 5G experience with high-speed connectivity, powered by the spectrum and network sharing architecture in 3.5GHz frequency band with 80MHz bandwidth. APT will continuously invest in the 5G networks and ecosystem while leveraging the vertical industry know-how to address the demand for individual, family, enterprises and government, to empower a 5G-driven economy.”

Chafic Nassif, President, Ericsson Taiwan, says: “In partnership with Asia Pacific, we are reaching today a significant milestone in Taiwan’s 5G development by delivering the first 5G MOCN in an NSA structure. With the launch of the 5G MOCN, we are able to maximize the effectiveness of the existing network infrastructure and significantly increase 5G availability across the island. The efficient network integration and deployment plays an essential role in achieving our sustainability ambitions while leveraging the best possible connectivity to improve lives. With our cutting-edge 5G technology and pioneering portfolio, Ericsson will continuously support our partners to provide the most optimized 5G experiences for both the consumer and enterprise sectors.” 

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