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Ericsson and Wipro collaborate to modernize billing infrastructure for ODIDO on AWS

  • All subscribers from ODIDO's mobile virtual network offering (MVNO), Ben, have been successfully migrated to Ericsson Billing, which is seamlessly hosted on AWS
  • The migration was led by Wipro as the end-to-end system integrator in close collaboration with Ericsson, which ensured seamless integration with ODIDO’s existing IT landscape
  • The billing system transformation will continue in 2024 with the migration of the ODIDO subscribers and is a key element in the CSP’s long-term evolution to cloud native architecture and future-proof IT infrastructure 


Jan 11, 2024
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Today, we announce the successful migration and modernization of the billing system for ODIDO's virtual mobile network brand, Ben. The entire mobile billing infrastructure has been seamlessly transitioned to Ericsson Billing, now hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The successful migration marks a pivotal step in Ericsson and Wipro's partnership with ODIDO and its transformation into a cloud-native, future-ready communication service provider (CSP).

In November, Ben’s full subscriber base was migrated smoothly from its legacy billing infrastructure over a 24-hour period with zero errors or impact to those subscribers. The modernization, part of ODIDO’s ambitious IT infrastructure simplification project, means its subscribers now benefit from 100% automation for billing as well as scalable infrastructure to manage billing which will result in lower operating costs and more efficient service experience. The future-proofed new billing solution will also support new 5G monetization use cases.

The migration to Ericsson Billing, hosted on AWS, and its integration into ODIDO’s IT landscape was led by Wipro as an MSP (managed service provider) for ODIDO’s billing domain in close collaboration with Ericsson’s professional services teams. The activities included: Solution Design, Application Development, Application Deployment and a complex migration from a legacy platform, undertaking extensive end-to-end testing, and building in sophisticated automation for superior platform management.

Built to be a powerful, and open, billing solution, Ericsson Billing not only transforms ODIDO’s IT capabilities but also serves as a catalyst for collaboration. It is designed with flexibility in mind, enabling other system integrators to effortlessly leverage and integrate it into CSP's IT network.

Lotta Gunnarsson, CIO of ODIDO says: “This successful migration to Ericsson Billing is a key step in consolidating towards a unified BSS solution, and an overall more streamlined IT landscape. It was made possible by the tight partnership and cooperation between ODIDO, Wipro and Ericsson who all worked seamlessly to deliver numerous tests as well delivering the live migration as planned. The project to shift to a cloud native architecture, which this billing evolution forms a part of, is an essential piece in our overall transformation as we look to deliver exemplary service experience at scale to our customers in The Netherlands now and in the future.’’

Mats Karlsson, Head of Solution Area Business & Operations Support Systems at Ericsson says: “This transformation project has ensured Ben’s subscribers are supported in The Netherlands by a system built for flexibility and scale. Leveraging Ericsson AWS MSP experience and hosting the Ericsson Billing solution on AWS means ODIDO is ideally placed to manage increasing complexity and service demands as it scales and takes advantage of expanding 5G opportunities in coming years.”

Sarat Chand, MD Benelux, Wipro limited said, “We’re proud to have enabled this billing transformation program for ODIDO. By leveraging our extensive Telco domain knowledge and deep cloud expertise, ODIDO now has a scalable and flexible billing solution to enhance their customers’ experience with optimized billing operations at significantly lower operational cost. This project embodies Wipro’s values of collaboration to realize our client’s ambitions.”

Ericsson Billing is a cloud-native product, certified on AWS, providing a convergent, end-to-end billing system suitable for various communications service providers (CSP) such as mobile, fixed-line, broadband, TV, digital and OTT (Over The Top).