Ericsson and Vodafone UK connect for breakthrough on 5G Standalone network

Ericsson and Vodafone have introduced the UK’s first live 5G Standalone (SA) network at Coventry University.

Jul 03, 2020
Jane Rudge, lecturer at coventry university with the UK's first 5G standalone device

Bringing 5G Standalone architecture to the UK for the first time, the collaboration, which also includes smartphone manufacturer OPPO, will see Ericsson’s 5G Core technology deployed in virtual reality (VR) learning to support training for student nurses and health professionals as part of the university’s academic program

The full benefits of standalone technology, including ultra-low latency and network slicing, provide the next step in 5G network architecture and establishes the potential for future innovations such as smart manufacturing, connected healthcare, autonomous vehicles and cloud-based gaming.

The successful 5G milestone continues Ericsson’s commitment and leadership in the UK’s development of 5G, while offering a platform to build economic growth, SME innovation and industrial digitalization at a critical time.

Arun Bansal, Executive Vice President and Head of Europe and Latin America at Ericsson, said: “Just over a year ago, Ericsson 5G powered the roll out of Vodafone’s first 5G network in the UK. Launching a first standalone network together is another defining moment for the country’s connectivity.

"Standalone networks are central to the promise of 5G to reimagine our society, economy and industries. They will be crucial for the UK’s economic recovery and underpin its digital future. We’re proud of what we’ve been able to achieve in partnership with Vodafone, and this launch is another example of Ericsson’s 5G technological leadership. More importantly though, it’s a critical next step in the UK’s ambitions to be a world leader in innovation and growth.”

Vodafone UK’s Chief Technology Officer, Scott Petty said: “This is a landmark in our 5G journey, just one year on from launch. 5G today is all about capacity and increased speeds. It’s giving people the best mobile experience ever, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg of what 5G can do.  With this new live network we’re demonstrating the future potential of 5G and how it will be so valuable to the UK economy.

"This new phase of 5G starts to deliver on the incredible capabilities of 5G that have had so much attention, but haven’t yet been brought to life. From here, we will really start to see 5G make a difference to the way organisations think about being connected, and what’s possible with connectivity in the future.”

Xia Yang, Senior Director of Carrier Product at OPPO, said: “We believe in a future of intelligent connectivity and 5G is the backbone of that vision. OPPO has been a driving force of the advancement of 5G technologies and products. SA and network slicing provide a solid base for revolutionary services such as xR, AI and cloud-gaming. We are glad to achieve this milestone with Ericsson and Vodafone UK and will continue our endeavor to bring the best products and services to Europe and beyond.”

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