Ericsson powering London’s best 5G network

Ericsson technology is powering the best performing 5G network across London, according to a new mobile benchmarking report.

Sep 07, 2020
London cityscape

Umlaut, a global organization measuring and benchmarking mobile networks, found that Vodafone’s 5G network is leading in all measured data services across the capital city, including reliability for streaming, browsing and downloading.

Through a series of drive tests conducted throughout June to measure the typical user experience on UK mobile networks, umlaut, formerly known as P3, recorded a score of above 99.6 percent reliability for Vodafone’s 5G data services. This showed a best-in-class network performance for London thanks to Ericsson’s leading 5G technology.

Vodafone’s Consumer Director, Max Taylor, said: “The results from this report show that our customers are getting the best 5G experience – and that our investment in our network is really paying off. In central London, our network is the most reliable, and is delivering on the promise of 5G download speeds. Every day, we’re bringing this great 5G experience to more customers around the UK.”

The recognition is just a year after Vodafone UK launched its 5G network using Ericsson technology in 2019, taking advantage of the latest products from the Ericsson Radio System portfolio and leveraging the award-winning features of Ericsson Spectrum Sharing to provide wide-area 5G coverage and boost network performance for its UK mobile subscribers. The two companies have also been collaborating on a substantial network modernization program in Southern England since 2017, using Massive MIMO and Carrier aggregation technology to optimize network performance and enhance the end-user experience within Vodafone’s 4G network.  

Christian Leon, VP of Networks for Europe and Latin America, Ericsson, said: “Many congratulations to Vodafone UK and Ericsson teams on this great achievement in the country’s capital. This award is another demonstration of Ericsson’s position as the leader in 5G, and our strong global partnership with Vodafone.

With the pandemic putting unique strains on networks and the public communicating so differently, the bandwidth and latency of 5G alone is fundamental. Deploying award-winning 5G while modernizing 4G shows our joint priority of a futureproof network, serving customers today and tomorrow. Our 5G partnership with Vodafone goes from strength to strength, as we continue to build a robust 5G network as partners”.