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STEM careers: Ericsson renews sponsorship of the Hedy Lamarr Chair with the University of Málaga

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  • Ericsson expands its commitment to the Hedy Lamarr Women and Technology Chair and the University of Málaga until 2025
  • Over the past two years, the Chair has launched a wide range of activities aimed at inspiring and empowering students, especially women, in STEM careers
Nov 13, 2023
STEM careers: Ericsson renews sponsorship of the Hedy Lamarr Chair with the University of Málaga

Ericsson, a global leader in communications technology, has announced the renewal of the sponsorship of the Hedy Lamarr Women and Technology Chair promoted by the University of Málaga. This renewal agreement will run for the next two academic years, until July 2025.

This sponsorship aligns with Ericsson's commitment to address one of the biggest challenges the technology industry faces: increasing the representation of women in science and technology fields. Ericsson believes that inspiring girls and young women at an early stage to pursue careers in STEM fields is key to increasing the representation of women in technology companies and telecommunications industry.

This renewal also includes the continuation to two key initiatives, the “Lamarr Chair Challenge”, and the "Hilda Ericsson Awards", which is promoted by Ericsson and will take place for the third time during the 2023/2024 academic year. Both initiatives allow students in Secondary Education, High School or Vocational Training, to develop their own prototypes and technological projects by providing access to the University's laboratories, alongside support from a group of mentors. The goal of both initiatives is to encourage students to develop technological skills, strengthen their critical thinking, and gain academic knowledge of mobile communications.

Government and industry recognition

In 2022, the Hedy Lamarr Chair was recognized by public administrations and some of the most respected entities in the technology industry, being declared the best educational initiative by the Association of Telecommunications Engineers of Eastern Andalusia and Melilla (AITA). It was also recognized by the Spanish Government as “an initiative of high value for education and the elimination of the gender gap”, in the words of the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence, Carme Artigas, who spoke at the presentation of diplomas to the secondary and high school students participating in the first edition of the Lamarr Chair Challenge.

Commitment to equality, territorial development, and innovation

The Hedy Lamarr Chair not only reinforces Ericsson's commitment to increasing the presence of women in the technology sector but also aligns with the company's objective of making a positive impact on society. This collaboration not only encourages the participation of women in STEM, but also boosts innovation and research in a region that has become a beacon of technological excellence in Europe.

In recent years, Málaga has become a key research, development, and innovation epicenter for Ericsson, hosting an artificial intelligence (AI) R&D center of around 200 employees, delivering Cognitive Software to more than 60 customers worldwide. This is one of the three global R&D Sites in Spain that pioneer the research and development of solutions and technologies that are fundamental to the company's current business lines.