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Ericsson and Senai-SP collaborate to prepare 30,000 students for a 5G-enabled future

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  • Ericsson and Senai - SP have established a partnership to implement the “Ericsson Educate: 5G University” program, which is the second Ericsson project of this type worldwide
  • The objective is to provide an in-depth training on 5G technologies and standards and increasing the high-level digital skills and competences of Senai teachers and students.
  • As part of the partnership, Senai teachers received more than 28 hours of training in 5G technology, taught by professionals from the Ericsson Learning Center in São José dos Campos
  • Senai will integrate the Ericsson Educate: 5G University learning content into its course schedule, with the expectation of impacting 30,000 new students per year through initial and continuing training, in addition to the postgraduate course in Connectivity
Oct 25, 2023
Ericsson and Senai partnership

The initiative is part of Ericsson's global education program Connect To Learn, a non-profit program carried out in collaboration with governments, telecommunications operators, non-governmental organizations and international agencies. The aim of the program is to equip young people around the world with essential digital tools and skills, and upskill the next generation of professionals to work in the telecommunications industry.

The Ericsson Educate: 5G University program supplements ongoing technical studies by providing an in depth understanding of 5G technologies in order to bridge skill gaps and increasing job readiness in the Telecom and IT sectors​.

Ericsson’s partnership with SENAI makes Brazil the second country where Ericsson has implemented its advanced 5G training program.

The first group of SENAI teachers received 28 hours of training over 5 days in September 2023, which was taught by professionals from the Ericsson Learning Center in São José dos Campos.

Ricardo Terra, Regional Director at Senai – SP states that Senai-SP is working hard on building a Connectivity ecosystem to expand the application of these technologies in industry "a Connectivity Center is already in operation in Vila Mariana, whose strategy is to connect our OpenLabs with technology suppliers and industries across five main verticals: Industry, Public Services, Health, Mobility, Agriculture and Education".

Terra also highlights the relevance of the partnership with Ericsson in conducting the global 5G University program for training technical staff, which will consequently impact the training of students. "The idea is to prepare them for the future of connectivity, understand the impact of 5G on business and how the innovation brought by technology can play a fundamental role in different types of sectors, boosting the digital economy." SENAI-SP expects to impact more than 30,000 new students per year through initial and continuing training, in addition to the postgraduate course in Connectivity.

Rodrigo Dienstmann, Head of Customer Unit Latin America South, said: “The educational collaboration signed with Senai represents a significant step in the training of technical and specialized personnel. Our goal is to provide an in-depth understanding of 5G technologies for Senai teachers who will integrate and replicate the concepts in the courses offered by the entity. With this, we contribute to expanding the technical skills of students impacted by SENAI and improving the readiness of these professionals for the technology and innovation market, which plays a fundamental role in the economic and social development of our country.”

In Latin America, 5G technology will be one of the key enablers of new services and innovation over the next decade, with the capacity to positively impact economic and sustainable growthacross society. As industries become increasingly digitized, businesses, academia, governments and industries must work together to build a skilled, 5G-ready workforce.