Ericsson announced as one of the first participants in the AT&T 5G Innovators Program

Ericsson is a participant in AT&T’s newly launched AT&T 5G Innovators Program, which will continue to create and develop new customer experiences with the power of 5G.

Feb 22, 2019
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The program seeks to jumpstart work with app developers, content creators, device makers, and network vendors to bring life into 5G ideas and experiences. Ericsson is one of the first participants, working with AT&T to develop ideas and test use cases on a live mobile 5G network using cutting-edge devices and industry-leading core services. Applications and use cases will span consumer, enterprise and public sectors, focusing on education, entertainment, gaming, history, navigation, retail, sports and more.

In addition, AT&T announced a new 5G test environment utilizing the Ericsson 5G testbed at Ericsson’s Santa Clara, California campus. Industry players along the entire software, hardware, networking and content pipeline will be invited to work in designing edge-native applications and to test their performance over a 5G environment.

Read the full announcement from AT&T here.