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Comment on SVT program

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October 19, 2022

Ericsson acknowledges the Uppdrag Granskning program that aired today October 19, 2022.  

Ericsson has a long history of building and supporting global communications. We are committed to directly addressing misconduct whenever it occurs in the approximately 180 countries in which we operate. As previously disclosed, the Company paid a substantial fine in 2019 in connection with historical misconduct. Since 2019 we have made significant improvements to and investments in the Company’s compliance program and internal controls to prevent and detect problematic conduct. Over the past six months we have taken significant steps to further enhance corporate governance and risk management. 

As for the Iraq allegations, we take this and any similar allegations very seriously – both the alleged conduct and the fact that the US Department of Justice has notified us that the 2019 Iraq investigation was not sufficiently disclosed to them. We continue to investigate the facts being alleged, some of which date back as far as 2011. We will continue to work directly with the authorities, including the DOJ and SEC, to resolve and address any issues, as needed.  We are also committed to promptly and thoroughly investigating any new allegations of misconduct and, as warranted, will inform the DOJ and the SEC of our findings.

We are committed to completing the investigative process and the resolution of these matters.