Comment regarding allegations of insider information

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June 1, 2017

There have been allegations in certain media that Leif Johansson had access to insider information prior to his acquisition of Ericsson shares on May 12, 2017. The company therefore wishes to make the following clarifications:

We have a process in which board members contact the company's Chief Legal Officer prior to any trading in the Ericsson share to assess if inside information or other obstacles to the transaction are present. In this case it was concluded that no such obstacles were present and consequently the transaction was carried out.

Leif Johansson is a longtime Ericsson shareholder. As Chairman of the board, he believes it is important to have personal ownership in the company. Leif Johansson bought additional shares in early May. This occurred in the wake of the company's presentation of a new strategy and the report for the first quarter. As mentioned above, it was concluded that there was no obstacle to Leif Johansson increasing his shareholding on May 12.

Ericsson has robust processes in place to protect sensitive information. When the company received information that Cevian Capital intended to notify the authorities about its shareholding in accordance with current rules, Ericsson established a logbook in accordance with applicable rules.