Comment to media reports about hearing of Ericsson employee

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November 23, 2016

In an article in Svenska Dagbladet on November 23 it is said that Ericsson employees have been called for hearing in the US. Following the article, Ericsson wants to make the following comment:

Ericsson has previously communicated that we are cooperating with US Authorities and are responding to a number of questions on a voluntary basis. As part of this process, it is natural that employees of the company are interviewed.

Ericsson does not provide any detailed comments about requests from authorities as it could interfere with their work. It is also against Ericsson’s policies to disclose the names of individual employees in these situations.

As a listed company, we always follow the requirements to publicly disclose any information about events that would have a material impact on the company or its finances. Should such materiality arise, Ericsson will disclose information in accordance with regulatory requirements.