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Executive remuneration overview

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September 7, 2016

Ericsson applies the same remuneration principles globally. These are outlined in our Annual Report 2015 (p. 160), and are the principles of performance, competitiveness and fairness.

When it comes to the executive management team, the decisions around remuneration levels is set by the Board’s Remuneration Committee which is guided by the remuneration guidelines approved the shareholders on a yearly basis at the Annual General Meeting and adherence is verified by the company’s external auditors on an annual basis.

Comment regarding speculations in media about cost savings program

August 16, 2017

In an article published by Svenska Dagbladet on August 16, it is speculated that Ericsson is planning a substantial cost savings program. Following the article, Ericsson wants to make the following comment, which is the same information that we sent to Svenska Dagbladet:

Ericsson has previously communicated that a key component in the company's focused business strategy is to reduce costs and increase efficiency. In connection with the Q2 report 2017, Ericsson communicated that the company, in light of the current market outlook, will accelerate the planned actions to ensure that the target of doubling the 2016 operating margin beyond 2018 can be met. Actions will be taken primarily in service delivery and common costs, but do not include R&D. The plan is to implement cost savings with an annual run rate effect of at least SEK 10 b. by mid-2018, of which approximately half will be related to common costs.

Ericsson has not communicated which specific units or countries that could be affected. It is too early to talk about specific measures or exclude any country. As Ericsson executes on these plans to save costs, the company will communicate this, and to what extent employees could be affected.