Building a global infrastructure

How we can create an IoT ecosystem that works for everyone, everywhere
Tunnel showing IoT being used in infrastructure

JUN 11, 2018. The Internet of Things is developing at a fast rate — and is a global inevitability.

In our homes and within various industries, we’re already seeing the IoT’s vast potential: from performing surgeries remotely, to driverless cars that can “speak” to cities in order to make travel quicker and safer.

Realizing the benefits of a truly connected society means that technology doesn’t just connect people to each other, but that it’s connected to the processes and workflows we all depend on every day.

Ericsson has been the leader in delivering on the advantages that IoT brings to enterprises, and as we continue to enhance our connectivity platforms and IoT solutions, it is imperative that mutually beneficial partnerships between technology innovators, product manufacturers, service providers, policy makers, telecoms and those of us at Ericsson work together to both reward innovations and reduce barriers to adopting new IoT technology.

As we continue to push our own breakthroughs forward, we’re committed to creating an ecosystem that allows device manufacturers, service providers, app developers and enterprises to link together, so that the process of device deployment, scaling new solutions, and monetization is both easy and seamless.

In order to realize all the advantages of IoT, more investment in building infrastructure capable of supporting 5G connectivity and IoT must be prioritized on a global scale. There are still regionally unique challenges as we travel down the road towards an IoT world, including security requirements and regulations, standardizing systems to manage connectivity globally and cost-effective ways of managing device deployments across an entire product life cycle.

With Ericsson’s support and the help of our partners, more of us and more “things” can connect, creating a truly accessible ecosystem that unlocks the full potential of IoT.

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