A legacy of innovation in cellular standards

Ensuring 5G technology reaches every corner of the world
Ensuring 5G technology reaches every corner of the world

JUN 11, 2018. Ericsson technology has changed the way we live: features like location-based apps, Bluetooth connectivity, fast streaming, and so much more would not have been possible without our innovative research and development and our commitment to establishing global cellular standards.

Working with policy makers and government partners has been key in our support of a connected world. We’ve been instrumental in establishing universal standards so the process of calling from one country to another, connecting to the Internet, streaming information, and more, remains seamless across borders.

“When we talk to regulators, when we talk to ministers around the world, I think they need to look at both existing 4G infrastructure as well as 5G as more of a digitalization platform for the whole country,” Erik Ekudden, Ericsson Group CTO recently said during our CTO panel at Mobile World Congress 2018. “It’s more like a project for the whole nation.”

“This is a challenge because the leading markets may either have access to [emerging technology] or have been forward-leaning enough to actually allocate new resources, but that is not the same in all parts of the world,” Ekudden added.

R&D is an integral aspect to what we do at Ericsson, and how we plan to bring 5G technology to the world. We fully understand the importance of celebrating technological breakthroughs, but more than that, we want our latest developments in cellular standards to benefit and reach communities in every corner of the world — and reward those who deliver these advancements.

Creating a legacy of innovation isn’t just about investing in innovation today, but also ensuring that we have the infrastructure in place so that we can build on our research for many years to come.

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