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Order Care


Order Care is Ericsson’s market leading order management solution for end-to-end order fulfillment and orchestration.
Order Care automates workflows and manual work activities across services, systems, and groups.
Configure, price, quote (CPQ) capabilities enable users to browse a product catalog for available offers, configure and price product candidates, and ultimately submit quotes as commercial orders for fulfillment.  
Ericsson Order Care automates product and service order management through validation, decomposition, routing, and status tracking. It also provides fallout management, which can handle exceptions and notifications.

Overview What Why

As your offerings grow in number and complexity, order management becomes more and more difficult. Different technologies, elements, and third-party requirements add complexity and make end-to-end workflow integration a challenge. It can lead to a lot of manual work, delay, and unmet customer commitments.

Ericsson Order Care can change all that. It combines order management, work item handling, project management, and fallout management support functions for processing customer and engineering orders or other workflows or tasks.

Ericsson Order Care is a centralized order management system that orchestrates order capture and processing by automating workflows and coordinating manual work activities across services, systems and groups.

Ericsson Order Care streamlines order management through negotiation, validation, decomposition, routing and status tracking. It handles multisite, multiservice order structures with configurable workflows, along with flexible policies to fulfill partial orders, escalate stalled orders and roll back failed or cancelled orders. It also provides updates to external systems to reflect real-time order status. Plus, its strong fallout management capabilities let you efficiently handle exceptions and notifications, so you’ll know quickly if and when customer requests can be fulfilled.

Key features include:

  • Catalog-driven order automation. Automate the entire order management lifecycle using pre-defined and proven process components.
  • Order negotiation. Readily offer pricing, availability, multi-featured bundles and discounts, and validate even the most complex order prior to provisioning.
  • Reduced system and operational cost. Coordinate automated service order processing and manual work activities in one system
  • Increased deployment speed. Reuse proven workflows take advantage of 100% configurable business logic, user and system interfaces and fully customizable reports and dashboards.
  • End-to-end order status visibility. Drive continuous process improvement using reports and analytics.

Ericsson Order Care is a proven order management system that enables full control of automated and manual work items. It can help you increase operational speed by rapidly customizing workflows, business logic, and system interfaces. Consider Ericsson Order Care if you want to:

  • Cut costs. Lower operating costs by handling orders and manual work activities in a systematic fashion.
  • Work faster. Shorten the overall time to process orders by ensuring that appropriately qualified people are assigned a prioritized and balanced work load.
  • Operate more efficiently. Handle everything from order negotiation and validation to provisioning and fallout, while obtaining meaningful feedback and analyses to improve operations.
  • See process statuses clearly. Keep track of the end-to-end status of orders and manual activities.
  • Customize. Tailor business rules processing and reporting to ensure that staff can focus on what’s most important first.
  • Resolve errors quickly. Consistently manage process exceptions in a repeatable and systematic way.