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Local Packet Gateway


Ericsson Local Packet Gateway (LPG) is our latest product to help service providers to add versatility and flexibility to their network deployments, address the edge segment, as well as hybrid private 5G networks.

LPG deploys a dual mode 5G Core user plane function with an optimized footprint, competitive characteristics, and low total cost of ownership (TCO). A rich feature set will enable a wide range of new 5G use cases, like low latency, data breakout and data security, in areas like industries, campus, malls and stadiums where dedicated deployments are needed.

LPG has been designed end-to-end, from hardware, infrastructure, application, and lifecycle management, to result in a product that is easy to deploy and easy to manage, to minimize the operational expenses (OPEX), especially when there is a need for numerous locations and deployments.


Wide range of 5G edge use cases

A cloud native based user plane, including support for dual-mode operations (EPC and 5GC),  Gi-LAN services (traffic and video optimization, SW probes, NAT and security features) that enables a wide range of 5G edge use cases, from local stand-alone networks to macro integrated deployments.

Minimal deployment effort

LPG is an integral solution with hardware, software, infrastructure, and lifecycle management included. Together with reference configurations this allows for significant reduction from day one

Lifecycle management optimized for the edge

With an integrated lifecycle management, LPG is optimized for remote/on prem deployments and edge use cases, enabling fast onboarding of new units and decreasing the time to market