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Packet Core Controller


Ericsson Packet Core Controller is the new, cloud native control plane signaling processing function in the Ericsson dual-mode 5G Core offering. It provides the access, session, mobility and gateway control functions to support the new 5G use-cases. 

The Packet Core Controller is built using cloud native and Service Based Architecture technologies to deliver a flexible and efficient software product and plays a key role in the Ericsson dual-mode 5G Core offering.

It complies with 3GPP Rel 15 specification, implementing the MME, SGW-C, PGW-C, AMF and SMF control plane network functions.  

With high-valued functions like reduced signaling, adaptive paging algorithms, as well as the capability to provide service continuation to subscribers during network disturbance and network assurance with software probes, it includes a complete feature-set for MBB,...


Optimized Total Cost of Ownership

Ericsson Packet Core Controller works as a dual-mode 5G Core control plane for both EPC and 5GC to address the still growing 4G networks and to support the introduction of 5G.

Total Cost of Ownership is optimized thanks to flexible deployments and smooth evolution paths. Network efficiency and simplified operations is achieved through unified O&M, high degree of automation and In-Service SW Upgrade.

Be first with 5G

Time to Market has never been more important to be able to create new business opportunities and revenue streams.

Ericsson Packet Core Controller is validated end-to-end with 5G New Radio  (NR) allowing you to start building a programmable and use-case driven network. Together with supported evolution paths from EPC to 5G EPC and 5G Core, it offers a fast, flexible and smooth 5G introduction.

A leap forward in automation

Ericsson Packet Core Controller introduces new tools, technologies and features to support advanced levels of operational automation and programmability.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), in-service software upgrade, and life cycle orchestration in compliance with ONAP & ETSI MANO, provides new levels of operational efficiency. Machine learning, artificial intelligence together with advanced analytics will lead us towards the zero-touch vision of a fully automated network.