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Packet Core Gateway


Ericsson Packet Core Gateway is the new, cloud native user plane traffic processing and gateway function in Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core offering.

Packet Core Gateway is built using cloud native best practices to deliver a massively scalable, flexible and efficient software product, aligned with the rest of Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core offering.

Ericsson Packet Core Gateway complies with 3GPP Rel 15 specification, implementing the UPF, PGW, SGW and TDF user plane network functions.

Packet Core Gateway includes value added functions such as traffic and video optimization, NAT, firewall, software probes as well as the capability to include leading 3rd party applications.

Ericsson Packet Core Gateway not only provides a feature-rich user plane, it is also capable to support the growing mobile data traffic, minimize the cost per bit and always...


Performance with total flexibility

Handling an increasing data growth cannot affect flexibility. The ecosystem of user plane applications very often runs on different infrastructure. Time-sensitive and mission critical use cases will drive the capability to deploy the user plane in the edge. Smooth migration would require co-existence with legacy infrastructure.  Ericsson Packet Core Gateway has been designed to meet those challenging flexibility requirements, while delivering a superior performance.


This is achieved using a flexible product architecture based on cloud native technologies, where each function is modularized and integrated as containers, each with independent life cycles. In this way, the Packet Core Gateway can scale down to a very small footprint, suitable for the most distributed edge deployments or scaled up centrally, to support terabits of user traffic.

Minimize Total Cost of Ownership

Ericsson Packet Core Gateway addresses the reduction of total cost of ownership by minimizing three key factors: footprint, integration costs and operational expenses.


Integrated service chaining provides the Packet Core Gateway with the most efficient internal communication among inline service functions, minimizing overhead, saving packet I/O on the NIC and reducing overall latency.


The user plane is usually realized through several services (like MSP, NAT, firewalls, etc) each one carrying its own integration and operational cost. As the user plane becomes more distributed, increasing to hundreds or thousands of sites, minimizing the cost per site becomes crucial.


Ericsson Packet Core Gateways eliminates the need of integrating and managing multiple entities as there is just one realizing all services.

A leap forward in automation

The Packet Core Gateway PCG introduces new tools and technologies to provides support fully new levels of operational automationed operation and superior serviceability, high valued features like in-service software upgrade, cost efficient geo-redundancy and compliance with ONAP & ETSI MANO.