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Wi-Fi Mobility Gateway


Wi-Fi Mobility Gateway is Ericsson’s key product to integrate the traffic from non-3GPP networks, both trusted and untrusted, into the mobile packet core.

Ericsson Wi-Fi Mobility Gateway is a fully virtualized network function, cloud and hardware agnostic, with a flexible deployment footprint. Wi-Fi Mobility Gateway adapts to different growth scenarios, where there is a need to extend LTE connectivity and voice services to Wi-Fi networks.

Ericsson Wi-Fi Mobility Gateway complies with 3GPP Rel 14 specification, implementing the evolved Packet Data Gateway (ePDG) and Trusted Wi-Fi Gateway (TWAG) network functions.

With nearly 40% market share, Ericsson Wi-Fi Mobility Gateway is a well established product, appreciated by its high-capacity performance, n+1 resilience and security hardened features.


Seamless User Experience

Ericsson Wi-Fi Mobility Gateway ensures that subscriber experience will be the same, whether they are accessing the voice and data services through a Wi-Fi network or LTE network. Traffic originating from Wi-Fi network, both trusted or untrusted, will be channeled to the mobile packet network, and will be treated agnostically towards the service network.

Authentication of user identities in the Wi-Fi network will be performed seamlessly, as if they were in the LTE network.

Complement LTE coverage

Large geographical areas and building materials that reflect cellular radio signals are a challenge to provide service continuity. Ericsson Wi-Fi Mobility Gateway enables Wi-Fi networks to act as a complement of the LTE network, ensuring seamless end user experience, when moving between VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling.

High capacity

Ericsson was first in the world launching a Wi-Fi Calling network, together with a major USA mobile operator. Our Wi-Fi Mobility Gateway is today serving millions of Wi-Fi Calling subscribers in that network. One-single server of Ericsson Wi-Fi Mobility Gateway can handle up to 500,000 users.

Combined with session resilience functions, Wi-Fi Mobility Gateway ensures uninterrupted subscriber service continuity.