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Ericsson Monetization and Orchestration Readiness Consulting

Woman working in front of multiple screens in a Network and/or Security operation center.

Ericsson's Monetization and Orchestration Readiness Consulting Offer is a key part of Advisory Services. This offer provides Consulting Services to plan and steer digitalization (e.g., 5G) and automation into a CSP’s IT transformation on B/OSS technology for maximum value realization. It also enables the CSP/Operator with advisory services for driving efficiency through the optimization of people, process, organization, product offerings and tools. Consulting advise services can help a CSP establish a digital target operating model to take their operations into the future and support autonomous networks.

Ericsson's Monetization and Orchestration Readiness Consulting Offer supports the following CSP goals:

  • Helping a CSP unlock growth with a 5G-ready architecture,
  • Ensuring adherence to standards and accelerates incorporation of best practices into business processes, governance, and ways of working,
  • Facilitating digital services with an optimized product portfolio, and
  • Helping guide a CSP to drive efficient operations.

Ericsson uses its proven methodology and approach to identify a CSP’s pain points and provide actionable recommendations to address them.
Some of the key areas we address as a part of this offering are:
1. 5G Architecture Assessment & Design
2. Business Process Excellence
3. Product Rationalization
4. Operational Design & Optimization
5. Network Slice Readiness and Operationalization



Unlock growth with 5G ready architecture


Guide to drive efficient operations


Facilitate digital services with optimized product portfolio


Experience ensures adherence to standards