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Ericsson Network Transformation and Efficiency Consulting


Recent technology trends have presented CSPs with a range of technology, operational  and organizational challenges.

CSPs across geographies are struggling to gain expected benefits from 5G deployment. Cloud native infrastructure may not be bringing expected efficiencies. There may be concerns about unforeseen 5G SA operational issues. Operational teams may be unprepared for frequent upgrades.

Furthermore, preparing the network for 5G SA deployment by simplifying and consolidating  is seen as a challenge.

In a competitive environment operators have had to cope with the technology evolution of  virtualization followed by upgrrading infrastructure to support microservices as cloud native workloads.  More recently, the trend toward workload migration to hyperscalers has presented operators with even more challenges.

Ericsson's Network Transformation and Evolution consulting offerings are designed to help CSPs overcome these challenges, by providing  architectural, operational and business case advisory based on learnings from global engagements. 

Some of the key areas we address as a part of this offering are:
1. Cloud Operating Model
2. Core Network evolution & Sunsetting
3. 5G Operations Wargaming
4. CI/CD Transformation
5. Hybrid cloud & Hyperscalers
6. Network Consolidation
7. Network Resiliency Audit