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Multi Vendor Verification


With most networks today operating as multi-vendor networks, interoperability testing between different vendor nodes is crucial for service providers. As a result, the increasing demand for verifying the correct functionalities of end-user devices within their networks and applications continues to prompt service providers to seek verification between different devices in their multi-vendor network environments.

Designed to address this need, Ericsson’s Multi-Vendor Verification (MVV) service aids service providers by verifying the correct functionalities of standardized interfaces between Ericsson products and other vendors’ equipment.


Verified end-to-end use cases

Verified end-to-end use cases covering core nodes,
networks, and devices

Accelerated time to market

Accelerated time to market, enabled by extensive and structured
expertise across all markets for shorter delivery cycles with higher quality

Downloads Using Ericsson’s Multi-Vendor Verification

Ericsson’s standardized  interfaces are subjected to selected test cases specific to service provider network, terminal, and antenna configurations, after which the Multi-Vendor Verification service identifies the changes needed in order to reach the optimum configuration for a successful multi-vendor network.

Multi-Vendor Verification covers the verification and integration of networks and antennas from other vendors for all of the latest major technologies — such as VoLTE, CSFB, SRVCC, ICS and VoWIFI —  as well as  legacy technologies (including GSM, GPRS, EDGE, AMR, EMR, A-GPS, TTY, WCDMA, CDMA, HSPA, eHRPD, LTE/EPC, IMS, and wireline infrastructure).