Cloud Execution Environment

Ericsson Cloud Execution Environment is the virtual infrastructure manager (VIM), based on OpenStack and OPNFV, in our market leading NFVI solution.

This telecom grade VIM has been deployed with more than 50 operators around the world and provides efficient operations and optimized performance for virtual network functions while securing an always available cloud and NFVI environment.


Industrialized Telcom Grade VIM

Verified in a complete NFVI solution with real VNF workloads and designed for environments with pre-set optimized NFVI configurations. This makes it easier to instantiate several deployments network wide.

Optimized Performance

NFVI settings, e.g. huge pages, jumbo frames, pinning are optimized for VNFs as well as for dynamic workloads with high VM deployment ratio. Optionally integrates SDN, now supporting DHCP IPv6 and dual-stack routing.

Open and Future Proof

Supports native OpenStack APIs and verified with OPNFV validation program (OVP) using test suite Dovetail. Evolving towards containerized supported environment meeting the needs for 5G applications. Open for third party applications and hardware.

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Ericsson NFVI solution brief





2016 and earlier



Ericsson Cloud Execution Environment is designed to meet telecom grade needs, e.g. on security, high availability, high throughput with low latency, trusted tenant isolation and more. These requirements are met by the following key features:

  • Highly secure VIM through pre-hardening and benchmarked with CIC-CAT Level 2 – exceeding 80% success rate
  • Compute Monitoring High Availability (CMHA)
  • Controller and northbound API high availability with triplicated planes
  • High throughput with low latency through OVS/DPDK, SR-IOV, and PF-PT (Physical Function Pass Through)
  • Fully automated VIM deployment
  • O&M interfaces supporting SNMP trap, 3GPP PM reports (xml), In Service Performance API
  • Tenant network management through Cloud SDN

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