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Transform Business

Support a successful digital journey with implementation-focused consulting services built on a strong technology foundation.

In the plan phase our Consulting Services help to assess the opportunities and set the roadmap for how to build and operate.

For the operate phase we offer Product and Solutions Support services, Application Development and Modernization to efficiently resolve legacy environment limitations.

Application Development and Modernization (ADM) is a set of service offerings provided by Ericsson to existing and new customers that address the maintenance, development and evolution of applications or application estates. Ericsson takes accountability for the operation, maintenance, development and, in increasing cases, modernization for the customer’s application estates. Through progressive evolution, we also help maximize the existing business application’s potential through rationalization and modernization solutions. In essence, “changing the wheel while the car is moving.”

To ensure high performance, drive competence and manage complexity we constantly improve reference architectures, use cases, best practices and methodologies across the domains and engagement phases – assets and knowledge that are shared among our more than 17,000 services professionals running more than 1,500 projects annually.

Our range of products
Device and Network Testing

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Core and Cloud Consulting

Ericsson Consulting advisory services center around comprehensive business cases. We support network evolution...

Digital Transformation Consulting

Support a successful digital transformation journey with implementation-focused consulting services built on a...

Learning Services

New technology implementations or digital transformations don’t just end with deployment. Building employee competence...

Support Services

The ultimate goal of network operations is to ensure high performing networks that deliver high quality end-user...