Device Hub

As the global wireless device market is growing, and new technologies are adopted, several challenges arise for device vendors to commercialize their products on a global scale.

As market after market switches on 5G, we are at a truly momentous point in time. No previous generation of mobile technology has had the potential to drive economic growth to the extent that 5G promises. It goes beyond connecting people to fully realizing the Internet of Things and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Existing smartphone test and certification protocols are not sufficient to test and globally commercialized this new wave of devices.

Currently, all players in the wireless industry: device vendors, Mobile Network Operators and test entities are facing new and advanced challenges to bring to market devices featuring new technologies, including 5G, Internet of Things, connected vehicles and Industry 4.0.

To facilitate the launch of new devices and services for operators, and to shorten the time to customers for the device vendors, Ericsson is launching Ericsson Device Hub, which is a global repository for test, certification and regulatory compliance data devices.

Operators and enterprises will be able to find appropriate devices with the right specifications and regulatory approvals for their markets. And device vendors will be able to make their devices available to their customers in a easy way.


Service providers and Enterprises

Free and easy access to the latest global compliance information on cellular devices. Ericsson Device hubs is a one-stop-shop portal for device verification led by key stakeholders in the industry. Using Ericsson Device Hub reduces or eliminates the cost of ownership for creating own internal device database.
The Ericsson Device Hub gives direct access to device manufacturer’s main point of contact across multiple verticals such as smart cities, automotive, healthcare, energy, etc.

Test houses

Exposure to new market segments and customers by playing an active role in the global device ecosystem.  Direct access to multiple device manufacturer’s and their main point of contact. Stay up to date on operator approval requirements globally.
Revenue opportunities in new segments like 5G, IoT, Industry 4.0, Connected Vehicles, etc.

Device manufacturers

Become part of a new, unique global ecosystem with industry leading Ericsson and partners. Gives high visibility towards major global wireless operators and enterprises as well as access to the world’s best test houses and labs. The Ericsson Device Hub reduces the time to market and sales cycles to reach new segments and to launch new products.