IoT and New Business

Business Area Technologies and New Business is tasked with seeking new profitable growth for Ericsson outside our traditional core business. We want to do so, in a disciplined way, by building on our technologies and skills in relevant growth areas. The starting point for our growth strategy is the conviction that 5G and IoT, in combination with developments in technology and society that enable digitalization, will change the way we work and live. For example, technologies such as AI, VR/AR, and edge computing are quickly moving from slogans to reality. 

Our current portfolio in this area addresses in the IoT area  our IoT platform IoT Accelerator, Connected Vehicles and Smart Manufacturing. Other new business areas are Security and Edge Gravity / UDN.

Our range of products
IoT Solutions

Enables an ecosystems in order to reduce barrier-to-entry and unleash the IoT business potential.

New Business

Building and incubating a pipeline of opportunities to create new business and develop Ericsson.

Dedicated Networks

Ericsson has one complete portfolio for local cellular connectivity with dedicated 4G and 5G networks

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