Connected Vehicle Cloud

Connectivity is changing the automotive ecosystem and the way your drivers interact with their cars. Ericsson's Connected Vehicle Cloud caters to the global automotive industry's need for scalability, security and flexibility when connecting products and services.

Vehicle manufacturers can easily expand services to new segments and regions via the Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud. Ericsson's deployment model is flexible, with a central node and regional nodes based upon varying market requirements and local regulations. The Connected Vehicle Cloud is built for scale and flexibility and is a platform for fast paced service innovation where you can continuously deploy new services. It enables the vehicle manufacturer to deploy services such as Telematics, Infotainment, Navigation, Fleet management etc.

With the Connected Vehicle Cloud from Ericsson, our partners can integrate and manage an ecosystem of third party services and stakeholders. As an OEM, you can retain secure control of proprietary data such as vehicle and driver telematics as your partner with local businesses, traffic authorities, insurance companies, entertainment channels, maintenance providers and more. The Connected Vehicle Cloud solution is designed to support innovation with new business models, and speed with rapid development and continuous deployment.

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Automotive market is very competitive and have moved into a fast pace of new and more models, new services and disruptive technology and sharing models. The now connected vehicles are up for security attacks and at the same time enable more services, openness for partner services and sharing of vehicle data. The vehicles are getting more and more SW defined which increases the risk for SW issues and need for minimize the costs for maintaining and manage SW updates in the vehicle.

Much of the value for an OEM today is in the aftermarket and to create a relationship with the first and the following owners for the vehicles long life-cycle is crucial to ensure the full revenue. The vehicles are sold globally but the different markets have local regulations and business requirements creating a need of market specific services supporting the local business and end customer needs. At the same time, in this rapid changing business environment, the OEM have a need to find new revenue streams in the models for how vehicles are owned and shared in the very near future.

Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud provides:

  • A cloud execution platform for innovating new services and possibility to continuously deploy and enhance them
  • A secure way for OEMs to let the vehicles access new services, drivers and vehicles to interact securely, for OEMs and owners of vehicles to share data with trusted partners
  • The OEM can connect and provide application and services through CVC that enhances the drivers experience of the car and the owner can manage their car and user profiles
  • Since the solution is global and manages all local markets you can both easily deploy global services but also manage local content and services and adhere to local regulations and privacy laws

Connected Vehicle cloud is a flexible solution to connect driver and vehicle and collect vehicle data to innovate and deploy new services on and creating a marketplace to share and collaborate on.

  • Global deployment and scale. Supports large deployments, horizontally scalable with a global delivery on any market
  • Innovative and open. Easy to get access to and develop new services, test and deploy to explore new market opportunities fast 
  • Reduce costs. One solution for all connected vehicle use cases, for handling vehicle and driver profiles and sharing data with partners on a marketplace.

Key Connected Vehicle Cloud features include: 

  • Cloud Execution Platform: Platform for global deployment of the Connected Vehicle Cloud
  • Design and Execution Environment: For the OEM and their partners to innovate, develop and deploy new services and applications
  • Device communication to connect to any kind of vehicle or device
  • Data Storage for flexible and scalable storage of vehicle and other device data
  • Security and Privacy for secure communication between the Connected vehicle cloud and different actors like vehicle, devices, drivers, users, partners 
  • User and Vehicle Profile for managing vehicle and user to provide right services, experience and privacy
  • Service Exposure for the exposing vehicle data to the market ecosystem in a secure way with consent given access
  • Commerce to be able to monetize on the assets in the automotive ecosystem with partners and customers 
  • Partner Management to handle the partner relation and their access and capability to add new partner services