IoT Accelerator

By 2024, there will be 4.1 billion cellular connections. Such connections are not specific to one region or industry – they’re emerging everywhere.

The speed of these changes triggers the need for new cloud-based solutions to process anddeliver a vast amount of information across wider service provider ecosystems, includingdevices, applications and enterprises’ back-end systems. Our answer: Ericsson IoT Accelerator, a unified, integrated IoT offering.

Ericsson IoT Accelerator helps in turning business concepts into realities. It’s a focused,easy-to-use solution providing global connectivity and device management in one unified platform. With a strong, modular approach delivered as a service, IoT Accelerator enables faster time to market, lower risk of investment, and reduced complexity for IoT applicationsand services. And, by lowering the barriers to cellular IoT, the platform helps service providers and enterprises to build and scale their cellular IoT efforts faster.

Incorporating a constantly growing set of partners, Ericsson IoT Accelerator leverages the scale, speed and lower cost of a cloud-based solution to address use-cases and applications for both enterprises and service providers. Today we have 35+ operator customers and over 5000 enterprise customers across more than 100 countries and 50 million subscriptions on the platform, making Ericsson a market leader in cellular connectivity management.

Turn the challenges of IoT into opportunities

Connectivity management is one of primary services of the Ericsson IoT Accelerator. Connectivity Management is a cloud service enabling operators to offer connectivity management to their enterprise customers. It supports operators in building up IoT solutions from device connection to the deployment of enterprise services.

With over 35 operator customers and over 5000 enterprise customers across more than 100 countries and 50 million connected devices, Ericsson is a market leader in the Connectivity Management domain.

For business' and enterprises to realize the full potential of innovation on a global scale and reap the benefits of a compelling IoT service experience, three requirements need to be fulfilled:

  • Communication services that are easy to buy and use
  • Connectivity management solutions that match the needs of industry use cases
  • Visibility and manageability of every IoT device in real-time"
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The Connectivity Management ecosystem of operators allows enterprises to start locally and grow business globally step-wise by tapping into the existing operator network. It handles multi-domestic connectivity, which means that the enterprise only interfaces to one selected operator, the lead operator. The lead operator taps into the present ecosystem or joins forces with new operators as required by the enterprise.

With real-time cost control enterprises can join the fast-paced development of the IoT with minimal investment – at minimal risk.