Integrated Site Solutions

Current telecom infrastructure needs ramping up to address the predicted growth in global mobile data traffic. This is creating a need for increased mobile network densification, as well as the closer integration of products on traditional macro sites and small cells. Ericsson has met these challenges by producing Integrated Site Solutions that cover a variety of expansion and installation options such as: Macro solution, Lightpole Sites, Street Furniture Sites, Strand Sites, Vault Sites and Street Sector Sites. These facilitate site acquisition and reduce site rental costs by enabling service providers to share site space, allowing them to use existing infrastructure or to fit more radio capacity into their existing footprint.


Faster time-to-market

Rapid installation and full integration,
with e2e verified solutions



e2e optimized and verified incl. ERS active products

  • RF performance
  • Thermal performance
  • Usability and Installability


Enables new site locations and expansions
in  complex site infrastructure

Our range of products
Macro Sites

With macro site installation already close to the limit introduction of new frequency bands, additional numbers...

Street Sites

Street installation requires quicker installations and less time spent at site. Building permit, introduction of...