Remote Site Management

Ericsson Remote Site Management consist of a management system ESCM, Ericsson Site Controller Manager and the possibility to choose different sizes of Ericsson Site Controller’s (ESC), ESC 01, ESC 02 and ESC 03. RSM supports several solutions for hybrid power  management:

  • Solar and Batteries
  • Diesel Generator and Batteries
  • Diesel Generator, Grid and Batteries
  • Two Diesel Generators and Batteries
  • Diesel Generator, Solar and Batteries
  • Grid, Solar, and Batteries

The Mobile app which is connected to ESCM facilities the installation and commissioning of the RSM solution.


Why Ericsson

  • Possibility to combine non Ericsson equipment with Ericsson active equipment at site.
  • Visualize active and passive equipment in management view.
  • Easy to customize reports and dashboard