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Device Security Enabler

Protecting the network

Ericsson Device Security Enabler is a product managing security for operators' network infrastructure and non-SIM devices and provides security services like authentication and ciphering for Cloud Infrastructure or Radio Base Stations.


Support the launch of new services and extend the capabilities for operators and verticals

  • Generic versatile PKI based solution, targeting a variety of use cases for devices and infrastructure
  • Assuring security for consumer IoT non-SIM devices
  • Enabling network internal security framework for onboarding and signing network elements such as RBS, VNF and others.

Providing security in telecom infrastructure

  • PKI support for RAN and 5G core network infrastructure and interconnect signalling cases
  • HW and hypervisor agnostic virtualized SW supporting VNF deployment

Telco Grade system

  • Structured SW design for high characteristics ans robustness solutions suitable forTelco business demands
  • Geo-redundancy support for continuous operation in tough conditions
  • Zero downtime upgrade procedure and increased O&M automation