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Security and Risk Management


The 5G networks will serve as a foundation for new enterprise use cases and services. As society will depend more and more on these digitalized services, cyber threats against them will increase – making cybersecurity a critical factor for the whole 5G business success.​

To manage security in the world of evolving, cloud native dynamic networks and threat landscape our CSP customers must invest in purpose-built security automation, visibility and telco relevant security features. As the 5G networks are built to provide enterprise services, the CSP investments in own network security automation can be extended to a macro network led security service offering to enterprises.  ​

This space has in the past been partly addressed with manual work, CSP homegrown automation, and IT security tooling, but these are not...

Included portfolio
Security Manager

Performs continuous threat detection based on various techniques.

Device Security Enabler

Manage security for operators' network infrastructure and non-SIM devices and provides security services.

Telecom Intrusion Detection System

The signaling intrusion threat detection solution for SS7, Diameter, GTP-C, SMS and 5G protocols.