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Ericsson Security Manager


Ericsson Security Manager is the 5G cybersecurity platform that address the needs of next generation security operations by making security visible and automating the security processes.​


Posture Management

For efficient posture management it is important to implement repeatable, automated process where technical security policies are systematically designed and consistently deployed.

Ericsson Security Manager provides industry standards-based security policy driven protection and helps to automate technical security controls consistently across a network. It maintains the controls at a desired level against a constantly changing risk and threat landscape, and regularly monitors the compliance with chosen security policies. 

Threat Management

The median time for attack detection is several months, according to industry reports. 

Deployment of Ericsson Security Manager threat detection capabilities helps to shorten and flatten the overall threat curve from the early detection to resolving potential incidents. 

Ericsson Security Manager supports telco specific detection logics, addressing e.g. RAN domain, telco cloud native threats and O&M activities related threats.

Certificate Automation

5G standards introduce several important security improvements that depend on certificates. Additionally, introduction of new use cases will increase the number of needed certificates in 5G networks significantly.

Ericsson Security Manager reduces risks for security breaches and outages in critical 5G Core by providing a generic telco grade PKI solution and an automated enrolment, renewal and continuous monitoring of trusted and end-entity certificates.

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