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Telecom Intrusion Detection System


The Telecom Intrusion Detection System (TIDS) is a signaling threat detection solution. TIDS is a partner product that complements the Ericsson end-to-end offering. TIDS is part of the Ericsson comprehensive signaling and security solution.
TIDS allows the telecom operator to get real-time visibility on signaling threats from the roaming and interconnect interfaces. TIDS supports SS7, Diameter, GTP and 5G signaling protocols, and covers all GSMA Categories.
TIDS provides both rule and machine learning based threat detection, enabling real-time investigations enriched by a unique threat intelligence gathered by POST Luxembourg CyberForce.


Signaling threat detection

TIDS enables telecom operators to detect threats on SS7, Diameter, GTP, SMS and 5G protocols, for example, call/SMS interceptions, location tracking, spoofing, smashing, Denial of Service, misconfiguration on routing and call flows.

Real-time signaling threat visibility and investigation

Roaming and interconnect interfaces are used remotely by governments and criminal actors for espionage, phishing, 2FA bypass and various SMS frauds. Therefore, it is vital for telecom operators to control in real-time how their signalling defences are performing, ensuring firewalls are not bypassed.

Signaling threat intelligence

Signaling threat intelligence is a key component and value of the TIDS solution. Detection and investigation capabilities of the TIDS are enriched with the threat intelligence gathered worldwide via partners, carriers, GSMA T-ISAC and TIDS global customer deployments.