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To find answers to the most frequently asked questions on Ericsson training sales, portfolio and delivery, please navigate through the list below or use Contact learning services link at the bottom to get in touch with the regional office closest to you.


No, Learning Services courses are only offered to Ericsson customers.

Please contact your local Learning Services sales agent. Training is available for many more versions than are on display on this site, and if there is not training available, we have the possibility to customize training.

If you are an existing customer or plan to become a customer of Ericsson, please visit the contact page and contact the appropriate local organization

Absolutely, please reach out to your local Learning Services sales agent

Yes, we do. Please contact your local sales agent for more information

We often create customized training solutions for our customers. Please get in touch with your local Learning Services sales agent to learn more.

It depends on your and your organization’s learning needs and preferences. For example, a classroom session is more interactive while a digital course enables the student to carry out the training at a time and pace that suits them. Please get in touch with your local Learning Services sales agent and we will help you make the choice.


A number of courses are only offered as instructor led training. Please see the course search page.

You can attend training trough a physical or virtual classroom session, or on-demand through our digital platform.

Yes, we often carry out training at our customers’ sites

Please contact

The length of a digital learning takes into account an estimated time for watching, reflecting, answering questions and completing assigned tasks for the specific course.

Please visit learning on the Ericsson intranet to find available courses for employees

Almost any Ericsson location can be used for training. For dedicated training center sites please visit the contact page. We also often travel to our customers to provide the training there.​

eLectures by Ericsson Learning Services are self-paced learnings with professionally recorded instructor-led lessons, delivered online.


Please check open positions on Ericsson job search page

Ericsson does not offer certifications, we do however provide you with a diploma after finishing your course, and we can also help your organization create its own certification program.

Please search by portfolio page or reach out to your local Learning Services sales agent

Please bookmark the Learning Services news page, or subscribe to our newsletter

All our courses are available in English. If you require a certain language, please get in touch with your local Learning Services sales agent

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