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Malaysia’s DNB automates and optimizes network management using AI, machine learning, and automation with Award Winning Intent-Based Operations

  • Intent-Based Operations simplifies network management with better efficiency in allocation of network resources
  • Enables real time network response to changes in demands and conditions
  • Empowers mobile network operators to consistently deliver premium services to their users, meeting service level agreements (SLA)
Press release
Dec 13, 2023
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Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) and Malaysia’s Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB) have successfully conducted an award winning proof of concept in the use of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and automation to simplify management of the 5G network, improve agility, and enhance efficiency by reducing manual configuration tasks and minimizing human errors.

Using a new approach to operating mobile networks known as Intent-Based Operations, DNB can manage the competing needs for radio network resources offered to users by the six mobile network operators (MNO) supported by DNB’s groundbreaking Multi-Operator Core Network (MOCN).

The proof of concept successfully demonstrates that intent-based operations can be used to support each individual MNO concurrently in providing connectivity through network slicing. This new automation capability allows DNB to automate the manual configuration of individual network elements, thereby reducing the maintenance period for upgrades and maintain its service level agreement (SLA) obligations.

Intent-based operations is based on providing a statement of what an operator wants the network to do, or the outcome needed from the network. It is then interpreted by the intent-based system, which will manage the network to achieve the goal. Leveraging on AI/ML technology and the automation involved, these capabilities enable networks to adapt to changing demands and conditions in real time, offering a more responsive and adaptive infrastructure for telecommunications by dynamically allocating network resources to ensure smoother user experience.

Enabling intent-based operations in the network also unlocks wider service diversification to meet customer needs, thereby enabling and unlocking new revenue opportunities for MNOs.

Head of Ericsson Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh David Hägerbro says, “The successful trial demonstrates that operators using DNB’s MOCN will be able to set up a multitude of network slices with varying characteristics to suit specific uses for consumer and business customers such as mobile gaming, video applications or industrial uses in IoT, and be assured of reliable delivery of that specified connectivity to the customers.”

“Providing tailored and differentiated connectivity to users of all kinds will mean Malaysia’s businesses and consumers can truly benefit from the promise of 5G. The successful proof of concept is made possible by Ericsson’s data driven operations which manages the complexity of the 5G wholesale network and delivers high availability while maintaining cost efficiency.”

DNB Chief Technology Officer Ken Tan says: “To allow for sustainable business models that will deliver real benefits, the 5G network needs to be reliable, robust and responsive. This successful Proof of Concept with Ericsson has shown a way to manage the complexities involved in delivering tailored 5G differentiated connectivity to multiple parties while adhering to strict SLAs with our customers. With intent-based operations, we can further strengthen this network to accelerate Malaysia’s digital transformation.”

This successful proof of concept was recently recognized at the prestigious Glotel Awards which highlights innovation and excellence when it comes to advancing and transforming telecommunications.

Ericsson’s joint submission with DNB won the “Managed Service Mastery” category which is dedicated to innovation in managed service provision resulting in the most significant benefit to the customer.

As the telecoms industry becomes ever more complex, operators are increasingly turning to managed services to help them stay on top of it. The award recognizes the cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, that are enabling DNB to use the automated and cognitive operations of the network. This enables Malaysia to maintain a leading customer experience globally, securing a spot in the top 3 in the latest rankings.


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