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SFR offers MMS services based on Ericsson platforms

SFR, an affiliate of Cegetel and France's second largest mobile operator, has selected Ericsson as its supplier of MMS technology. The agreement includes supply of the MMS platform as well as installation and integration. Ericsson's experience and MMS technology leadership together with local skills and precise planning were critical to the agreement.
Press release
Dec 04, 2002 09:48 (GMT +00:00)
Building on the success of SMS, Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) will impact the way SFR customers use their mobile phones. In addition to text, features like color images and sounds will enable them to enrich their messages through more personal communication.

Multimedia Messaging is a key asset for operators developing innovative services for their customers.

"MMS will play a leading role among consumers, increasing mobile-to-mobile messaging capabilities by offering new, friendly and easy-to-use services," says Hervé-Matthieu Ricour, Services Manager Networks & Systems Division, Cegetel/SFR. "Simplicity, ergonomics and quality of service are values shared by SFR and Ericsson. With its MMS platforms, Ericsson becomes a strategic supplier for Cegetel/SFR."
Ericsson is the clear leader in MMS with more than 35 commercial MMS agreements and more than 90 trial systems. It has 40% of all MMS contracts with over 50% of subscribers worldwide. Ericsson has been awarded MMS contracts in all major markets.