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Telecom Colombia selects Ericsson to build multi-service network

Ericsson today announced a contract with Telecom Colombia (Empresa Nacional de Telecomunicaciones), the largest fixed operator in Colombia, to provide an ENGINE multi-service network.

Press release
Feb 21, 2002 10:13 (GMT +00:00)

Ericsson has been selected as a partner to implement Telecom Colombia’s Biannual Plan with the objective of modernizing the telephony service for a large part of country’s communities, including remote rural areas.

Ericsson’s solutions will enable Telecom Colombia to offer increased coverage and service penetration of Internet access, IP voice services and data transmission.

In the agreement, Ericsson was awarded four contracts to supply switches and network equipment, a terrestrial transmission system, network management systems and mobile telephony equipment – all integral solutions to support a bigger efficiency and service coverage.

As the total end-to-end solution supplier, Ericsson will provide all the installation service, maintenance and technical support. Implementation began this month.

As part of the contract, Ericsson will deliver high-performance AXI 540-7 Edge Routers, a more compact version of the existing AXI 540. The AXI 540-7 routers will perform aggregation of voice and data traffic to Telecom Colombia’s Internet backbone. Other Ericsson equipment includes the ANS local voice switch; AXC 711 RAS for dial up Internet access; IPT 2.1 for voice trunking and services like Pre-paid, PC-to-Phone, Internet Call Waiting, etc.; and AXD 305 for access to TELECOM’s existing ATM network.

Ericsson is shaping the future of Mobile and Broadband Internet communications through its continuous technology leadership. Providing innovative solutions in more than 140 countries, Ericsson is helping to create the most powerful communication companies in the world.



Peter Olofsson, Director of Public Relations
Ericsson, Multi-Service Networks
Phone: +46 8 71 91880; E-mail:

About Telecom Colombia
TELECOM is the most important and largest (fixed) Telephone Operator in Colombia with over 2 million installed lines (over 2.7 million if you include its 15 regional affiliates). They are also the first in Long Distance and International Long Distance voice traffic. Their portfolio of services include: Corporate Voice VPNs, Long Distance, Pre-paid, 1-800 services, Leased Lines, ATM, FR, IP, Internet access (dedicated and dial-up), Hosting and collocation, etc.

About Ericsson’s ENGINE Packet Backbone Network
Ericsson’s Packet Backbone Network (PBN) is an Internet-class, carrier-class data backbone that enables operators to offer new or expanded services over an IP infrastructure in an extremely reliable and ultra-scalable configuration. PBN’s Carrier Virtual Private Network (VPN) Solutions provide carrier-grade reliability and provisioning of VPN services to their customers over IP and ATM networks. The solutions feature highly scalable IP and ATM platforms enabling rapid delivery of new value-added services in an interoperable, multiservice network environment: the AXD Multiservice Switches, AXI 540 Edge Routers and AXI 580 and AXI 520 series IP Backbone Routers (based on Juniper Networks M160™ and M40™ routers).

For more information on Ericsson's Multi-Service Packet Backbone Network, see: