Ericsson demonstrates real-time charging of MMS at CeBIT

Ericsson's PrePaid System allows operators to charge for multimedia messaging services, MMS, in real time. This is being shown today in a live demo at CeBIT, Hanover. It is significant news for the many operators who would like to offer MMS to the millions of mobile users who pre-pay their services.
Press release
Mar 12, 2002 07:10 (GMT +00:00)
Ericsson's PrePaid System will enable charging for MMS in real time, via its Open Charging Interface. Prepaid in real time entails minimal credit risk for the operator and its business partners, while giving users full power over their spending. Ericsson's real-time solutions give both parties the power to enjoy these benefits.

At the Ericsson stand, visitors can send an MMS from an Ericsson T68 phone to another (person-to-person) and receive an MMS from a service/content provider (application-to-person). After that, visitors can immediately check the status of the PrePaid account.

Most SMS consumers today are pre-paying customers. In Europe for example, they make up more than 60% of mobile users. Building on the same user behavior, MMS is the evolutionary step that will add to the experience of SMS users.

"Targeting the prepaid mass market from the very beginning will prove key to the success of MMS," says Ingvar Larsson, Vice President, Ericsson Service Network and Applications.

With Ericsson's PrePaid System, operators and service providers are able to charge for Mobile Internet services, such as MMS. Ericsson is a world-leading supplier of charging solutions, with an installed base of more than 90 mobile prepaid systems, fully supporting voice and data services.

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