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Ericsson enables the World's First Inter-operator Live MMS Demonstration in China

Press release
May 15, 2002 07:09 (GMT +00:00)
The inter-operator demonstration using Sony Ericsson T68i handset was presented in Guangzhou, China. The demonstration fully displayed the capabilities of various MMS applications including Inter-operator MMS functionality.

Inter-operator MMS will bring dimension to business people for message exchange with business partners while on the move in different regions or countries. On the leisure side, users can exchange images and sounds, photos and even video clips with friends and family.

"It has been recognized that MMS is to be the significant driver of GPRS and 3G for business take-off and development. MMS provides users with unprecedented user experiences and will further promote Monternet in China. The fact that CMCC successfully completed China's first MMS interoperability demonstration will have profound impact on China's mobile communication industry," says Mr. Lu Xiangdong, CMCC Deputy General Manager.

"MMS presages a revolution in mobile communications. While data services are seen as an important growth factor in the global mobile industry, there have been no real compelling consumer applications until now. MMS technology and applications represent a vital first step on the road to realising the full potential of data centric services. SmarTone's first MMS application will be our PictureMail service, allowing customers to capture important moments and to share them instantly with whomever they choose," says Mr Douglas Li, Chief Executive Officer of SmarTone.

"Ericsson has long established strategic partnership with CMCC and SmarTone HK. Ericsson's strong support to this success with our MMS technology platform proves again our commitment to customers' business development and Ericsson's leadership in mobile communication," says Mr. Ken Zhang, Chief Technology Officer of Ericsson China.