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Ericsson will supply T-Mobile with MMS technology

Press release
May 16, 2002 06:59 (GMT +00:00)
Ericsson is selected by T-Mobile to supply and install Multimedia Messaging technology in their GSM/GPRS/UMTS-network. After the successful launch of MMS by Westel in Hungary (an affiliate of T-Mobile International), T-Mobile plans to roll out MMS in Germany, Austria and the UK this summer with more countries to follow.

Core of the network MMS ability is the Multimedia Messaging Service Center (MMS-C). The MMS-C is the essential part of the network to administer, store, transmit and transform the multimedia messages and create billing data.

"We look forward to helping T-Mobile introduce Multimedia Messaging and open the door to multimedia services for consumers," says Ingvar Larsson, Vice President and General Manager of Ericsson Service Network and Applications.

"This partnership is an integral element of T-Mobile's commitment to mobile data. Messaging is predicted to be hugely popular and will play a key part in accelerating the adoption of these services in the mass market," says Hamid Akhavan, European CTO, T-Mobile International.

MMS offers an increase in mobile-to-mobile messaging capabilities by enabling colour pictures, animations, audio and video clips to be sent along with text. This opens the door to content-rich applications and services such as electronic postcards, animated cartoons and multimedia presentations.

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