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Ericsson's advanced innovative database management system installed at Nordnet.

Nordnet, the leading Nordic Internet Broker, recently successfully tested, evaluated and installed a new database management system from Alzato, a venture within Ericsson Business Innovation AB.
Press release
May 15, 2002 08:50 (GMT +00:00)
The Ericsson database, NDB Cluster is a distributed parallel real-time in memory database. It has a unique combination of outstanding reliability, scalability, and throughput and response times, which are necessary for all Real-time data processing. Customers can benefit from an off-the-shelf, open and right-sized real-time data engine. In addition the cluster gives shorter lead-times and lower Cost-of-Ownership.

"Superior performance and reliability have always been related to high costs, like development, hardware and administration. We are convinced that companies can reduce lead-times and costs while achieving completely new and higher security levels," says Mikael Ronström, CTO at Alzato.

"With the NDB Cluster we will be able to grow continuously and expand our services, " says Juan Segura, CTO at Nordnet.

The NDB Cluster from Alzato is now available to several market segments, such as the media and financial industry and there are several promising ongoing evaluations in the telecom industry both within and outside Ericsson.