Ericsson has been selected by the Spanish operator Amena to supply its end-to-end MMS Solution. The contract includes the MMS infrastructure, WAP gateway, multimedia library and non-MMS Phone Support. The contract also includes service and integration of all elements in Amena’s existing mobile network. Amena launched its MMS services in the beginning of July.

In addition to the MMS solution, Ericsson offers access to a variety of applications via Ericsson Mobility World, a global support network for developers, as well as the necessary support for the development of tailored MMS services. The implementation of an end-to-end solution will encourage the traffic in the GPRS networks, a starting point for the development of 3G services.

Ericsson is a forerunner in MMS. Ericsson has supplied more than 80 test systems worldwide, and has already secured over 30 orders to supply commercial MMS systems.