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Connex in Romania stays on top with Ericsson Service Delivery Platform

Press release  |  Dec 18, 2003 13:35 (GMT +00:00)

The Ericsson Service Delivery Platform provides operators in today's highly competitive mobile market with a complete, flexible solution for introducing and managing new services quickly, efficiently and economically.

With ESDP, Connex is able to easily introduce new applications from third-party developers within its existing network, safe in the knowledge that these services will integrate with other systems, such as billing and customer care systems. This approach not only makes adding new services easier and quicker, it is also more cost-effective because it reduces the work involved in network integration.

Connex recently launched its first new application over ESDP, a group communication service called 'Connex Meeting Call' which allows simultaneous communication with up to 15 people in a group.
Vishant Vora, Connex CTO, describes the three main drivers for Connex deployment of ESDP.  "First, the need to differentiate from other network operators, by providing an easy and quick means of access to our network for third party application developers.  Second, ESDP provides a way to control and secure the access of third party services to our core network. Third, standardization in service creation and deployment can lead to better time-to-market and lower costs."

"It has been very rewarding for us to work with a visionary customer such as Connex in implementing the Ericsson Service Delivery Platform as the first operator in South-East Europe and among the first in the world," said Ovidiu Iosif, Global Key Account Manager for Mobifon at Ericsson Romania. "Operators are starting to see the need for a horizontal service layer solution in their increasingly complex networks, and ESDP, based on a horizontal network approach which allows easy integration of solutions and components within the service layer, is designed to meet this need."

The Ericsson Service Delivery Platform covers six major functions including common provisioning, common single sign-on, common operation and management, charging integration, application integration and common deployment. The flexibility of the ESDP horizontal approach allows each operator to focus on the functions that meet their specific needs, and easily add and integrate others as the need arises.