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Ericsson wins contract with major local Finnet company for Ethernet DSL Access

Ericsson and KPY Networks Ltd., a network operator of Kuopio Telephone Company, have signed a contract for delivering Ericsson's Ethernet DSL Access equipment and related services. KPY Networks Ltd. is one of the major local operators of the Finnet Group.

Press release  |  Dec 16, 2003 12:00 (GMT +00:00)

KPY Networks Ltd. is currently enhancing its service offering for customers living in multi-tenant buildings with Ethernet DSL Access. The key feature for this application is a shared broadband uplink based on existing copper cable from the customer premises and re-use of cable installations in the building with the latest ADSL technology.

The low cost of ownership and excellent scalability makes Ethernet DSL Access a perfect match for the price sensitive customers that KPY Networks is targeting with this offering.

"We see a lot of potential in the multi tenant building market," says Timo Hopponen, Manager of Data Networks from KPY Networks Ltd. "By choosing Ericsson we can provide our services more efficiently than with traditional technology used for this application. One of the greatest advantages of this solution is a potential to go beyond basic internet access with new Ethernet based services."

Ethernet DSL Access enables a high-capacity, non-blocking network architecture prepared for the growing number of capacity demanding services.

"We are pleased to see that a major Finnet company is using our technology to enhance their broadband services portfolio for this exciting market opportunity," says Janne Laitala, Sales Director of Ericsson Finland.

Deliveries for this contract are already on-going.

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Peter Olofsson, Director Public Relations, Communications
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Anne Typpö, Ericsson Finland
Phone: +358 9 299 5021, +358 44 299 5021

About KPY Networks Ltd.
KPY Networks Ltd. is the network operator of the Kuopio Telephone Company, a local Telephone company located in Kuopio, Finland.

KPY Networks Ltd. is acting closely with other Finnet Companies and Finnish Operators to provide a full set of tailored telecommunication solutions in their region.

The basis of KPY Networks Ltd. operations is their robust regional network providing data , internet and telephony services.
About Ericsson's Ethernet DSL Access Solution
Ericsson's Ethernet DSL Access - designed to allow operators achieve mass market DSL - offers a flexible, scalable and powerful IP DSLAM supporting installations ranging from a handful of subscribers to large site deployments.

The solution is designed without concentration in the DSLAM to ensure high-capacity throughput and no end-user limitations.

By avoiding concentration in the DSLAM and connecting directly to an Ethernet aggregation network, the solution enables high bandwidth-demanding services to be supported, while at the same time reducing transport costs radically.

This is a key advantage for an operator to secure their ability to compete in terms of price, bandwidth and service offering.

Ethernet DSL Access dramatically alters the economics of rolling out DSL and enables operators to address potential broadband subscribers profitably.

Read more about Ericsson's Ethernet DSL Access at: