Ericsson will be responsible for network installation, commissioning and project management and will provide professional services for the network design, optimization, support and systems integration. Ericsson will also provide its prepaid Charging System for the network.   Upon completion of this new project Telecom Americas will offer its customers new value-added and state-of-the-art multimedia applications. 

Telecom Americas was awarded licenses in December 2002 to launch GSM cellular operations in the 1800-MHz frequency in Brazil. Its licensed regions in that country cover an area the size of Western Europe, with over 139 million people.

Ericssons' GSM and EDGE high capacity network infrastructure is being supplied for Telecom Americas' network, making it possible for the operator to offer the benefits of GSM and high-speed multi-media services to its customers and at the same time preserve investments in its TDMA legacy system.
Ericsson is the world's largest supplier of mobile telecom infrastructure, with approximately 40% market share in GSM. Ericsson began deploying its EDGE solution in the North American market in mid-2002 and has been delivering its market-leading EDGE-prepared radio network infrastructure since 1995.