Ericsson signed a USD 32 million GPRS expansion contract in China

Press release
Aug 12, 2003 08:51 (GMT +00:00)
When the expansion is completed, the network capacity of Guangdong Mobile's GPRS network will reach 1.88 million subscribers. The implementation plans to be finished by the end of February 2004.

 "Guangdong Mobile runs the biggest and most advanced mobile network in China. In recent years, we have been endeavoring to provide the high quality data services by building a state-of-the-art data network. One of our main tasks is to build and promote the GPRS network." says Li Gang, Chairman and General Manager of Guangdong Mobile.

 "Ericsson has been working very closely over the years with Guangdong Mobile for the network build-up. We are very honored to be part of the development," says Jan Malm, President of Ericsson China. "With Ericsson's extensive expertise in implementing advanced and future-proof networks, we are fully committed to support Guangdong Mobile in developing wide-range mobile data services for the market and further more, to assist our customer to lay a solid foundation for its network on the migration to 3G communication."

As the primary GSM/GPRS network equipment supplier, Ericsson has been in cooperation with Guangdong Mobile for more than 10 years. Besides network equipment, Ericsson also provides professional services and network-related total solutions to Guangdong Mobile to meet their fast growing business demands.