Ericsson provides Brasil Telecom with Ethernet DSL solution for broadband access

Ericsson has signed an agreement with Brasil Telecom, Brazil, to expand broadband access offering based on Ericsson's Ethernet DSL Access solution.
Press release
Nov 10, 2004 13:01 (GMT +00:00)
The low cost of ownership, excellent scalability, non-blocking network architecture and the quality of enabling new, capacity demanding services are elements that make Ericsson's Ethernet DSL Access solution a strong alternative to traditional ATM based solutions.

"Ericsson's Ethernet DSL Access solution makes a perfect fit with our strategy for BrTurbo service," says Carla Cicco, President Brasil Telecom. "The Ericsson's Ethernet DSL Access will allow Brasil Telecom to deliver broadband services over Ethernet."

Ethernet DSL Access provides Brasil Telecom's customers with high-speed connections to Internet by upgrading existing telephone lines with Ethernet DSL technology. The contract covers a complete solution including central office and customer premises equipment. It gives Brasil Telecom equal opportunities to deploy Ericsson Ethernet DSL Access technology in order to offer new type of broadband services for residential and business users. The solution will be deployed in the region of Brasília, Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul.

"The successful delivery of a complete solution within a very short timeframe strengthens our existing relationship with Brasil Telecom and our leadership in Ethernet access technologies," says Anders Runevad, President Ericsson Brazil. "We are pleased to see that Brasil Telecom is using our technology in such an innovative way to create new services".

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Kristina Hägg-Blecher, Ericsson Group Function Communications
Phone: +46 681 2468, +46 8 719 6992

Marcia Goraieb, Marketing Communications Director, Ericsson Brazil
Phone: +55 11 6224-1819, +55 11 8111-6378
About Ericsson's Ethernet DSL Access Solution
Ericsson is the market leader in Ethernet based DSL network with more than two years of field deployments of the Ethernet DSL Access product where the feature set continuously has been refined to secure an effort less transition from legacy DSL architectures.

Ericsson's Ethernet DSL Access - designed to allow operators to mass market DSL -offers flexible, scalable and powerful IP DSLAM supporting installations ranging from a handful of subscribers to large site deployments.

The solution is designed without concentration in the DSLAM to ensure high-capacity throughput and no end-user limitations.  By avoiding concentration in the DSLAM and connecting directly to an Ethernet aggregation network, the solution enables high bandwidth-demanding services to be supported, while at the same time reducing transport costs radically. This is a key advantage for an operator, securing their ability to compete in terms of price, bandwidth and service offering.

Ethernet DSL Access dramatically alters the economics of rolling out DSL and allows operators to address potential broadband subscribers profitably.

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