Conversion of B-shares to A-shares in Ericsson

In the third conversion round 47,750,436 B-shares in Ericsson have been converted to the same number of A-shares.
Press release
Dec 03, 2004 07:30 (GMT +00:00)
Shareholders in Ericsson have in the third conversion round tendered 47,750,436 B-shares for conversion to the same number of A-shares. As a result of the third conversion round, the total number of shares in Ericsson is now 1,260,630,688 A-shares and 14,871,627,990 B-shares. A total of 604,412,048 B-shares have so far been converted to A-shares, which means that 92.11 percent of the total number of conversion rights has been exercised. The A-shares are now representing 45.9 percent of the voting rights and the B-shares 54.1 percent of the voting rights.

Only those shareholders in Ericsson that hold conversion rights, either due to their holding of A-shares or due to purchase of conversion rights, are entitled to exercise conversion rights for conversion of B-shares to A-shares. Trading in conversion rights on Stockholmsbörsen will end on December 7, 2004, and the closing date for applications for conversion is December 10, 2004. The application for conversion shall be made on a separate application form. After the expiry of the application period the conversion rights will become void and therefore have no value.
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