Final conversion of B-shares to A-shares in Ericsson

In the fourth and final conversion round 48,149,230 B-shares in Ericsson have been converted to the same number of A-shares. The A-shares are now representing 46.9 percent of the voting rights and the B-shares 53.1 percent of the voting rights.
Press release
Dec 22, 2004 07:30 (GMT +00:00)
Shareholders in Ericsson have in the fourth and final conversion round tendered 48,149,230 B-shares for conversion to the same number of A-shares. As a result of this conversion round, the total number of shares in Ericsson is now 1,308,779,918 A-shares and 14,823,478,760 B-shares. A total of 652,561,278 B-shares has been converted to A-shares, which means that 99.44 percent of the total number of conversion rights has been exercised.

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